Welcome to facilitybossPLS,

facilitybossPLS stands for Production Line System and is the innovative and modular solution by facilityboss for your needs in the production area. facilitybossPLS is offered in different variations to address and realize your specific needs in the production area like:

  • Track'n'Trace
    The custom tailored solution for serialization of products to prevent counterfeits. The serialization can be performed via GS1 with a DataMatrix Code or on an aggregation stage as a Linear Code. By customer request an alternative serializations precedures can be choosen. Because of the modular design of facilitybossPLS the used marking system is not enforced, different systems (print, laser, RFID,.. ) can be implemented according your requirements/specification. The same applies for the camera system. facilitybossPLS is constancly extended with new modules, a compilation of today supported systems can be found here. Also regarding connections to exitsing back-end system, e.g. a MES of legacy in-house solution, facilitybossPLS is designed with flexibilty in mind. It can be used as a stand alone solution, where all needed data is entered at the line, and/or matching modules are deployed to import prodcution orders from other systems.
  • Inspect
    facilitybossPLS Inspect is the little brother of the Track'n'Trace variation. It is as flexible and expendable as its big brother, but the focus is on processing verification results, e.g. for instance blisterverification.


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